Monday, 12 December 2011

Petition to the Government of Zimbabwe on the Purchase of Luxury Vehicles for Cabinet Ministers

Dear Fellow Zimbabweans,

Please see copied below a petition to the Zimbabwean Ministry of Finance that all Cabinet Ministers return the luxury cars that were purchased for them in the last month. And that that money be used for our public health and public education. If you agree
with the petition please reply to this email to affirm. Please at least indicate your full name. We would like to send this petition to the Ministry of Finance and the copied ministries by the beginning of the third annual school term on September 6 2011. Feel free to forward it to family and friends;

With the greatest of commitment and gratitude,

Committee of the Peoples Charter.(CPC)

The CPC is is a Zimbabwean political, economic, social and democratic accountability mechanism established in the interests of the people of Zimbabwe.

The Minister of Finance, Honourable Tendai Biti
New Government Complex

The Minister of Health and Child Welfare, Honourable Henry Madzorere, The
Minister of Education, Honourable David Coltart,
The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Dr. Stan Mudenge.
The Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honourable Lovemore Moyo

RE: Petition to the Government of Zimbabwe on the Purchase of Luxury
Vehicles for Cabinet Ministers

We the undersigned, as citizens of Zimbabwe, and in recognition of your financial leadership of our national purse;

Fully conscious of the numerous economic challenges that the country faces;

With a firm understanding that every government must consistently strive to be democratic and accountable to the people in all matters related to the state;

Observant of the serious social and economic challenges that all Zimbabweans are facing in their day to day lives, particularly in the areas of access to health services and quality education;

Disappointed and dismayed by the government’s unfortunate demonstration of opulence amidst poverty via the recent purchase of luxury vehicles for cabinet ministers and their deputies;

Hereby petition the government to undertake the following measures: 

1. To return the luxury vehicles and acquire a reimbursement of the US$20 million resources and give a full explanation to the public as to why such a transaction had been deemed necessary

2. To reallocate the resources that had been used to purchase these vehicles to the Ministries of Health, Education, and Higher and Tertiary Education in order to purchase medicines and books for our hospitals, schools, colleges and universities

3. That the government pledges itself to modesty, transparency and public accountability in resources and materials for its ministers, deputy ministers and members of Parliament

4. That the government demonstrates sensitivity to the plight of majority poor Zimbabweans and their socio-economic hardships by committing its ministers to a Government Business Code of Conduct that emphasizes magnanimity in leadership, sensitivity to the plight of the majority poor and designates basic utility vehicles for all government ministers.


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