Monday, 6 February 2012

Zimbabwe commemorates Four years of the Zimbabwe People’s Charter

The Committee of the Peoples’ Charter will this year be hosting the inaugural fourth anniversary since the adoption of the Zimbabwe Peoples Charter on the 9th of February 2012 in Harare. The historic event will be held under the theme: Four Years of the Zimbabwe People’s Charter: Assessing the Challenges and  Re-connecting Civil Society’s Democratic Principles with Zimbabwe’s Future 

The self-introspective commemorations will bring together several civic society organizations varying from the youth groups, workers, churches, media, students, women and individuals who are signatory to the Zimbabwe Peoples Charter which was adopted on the 9th of February 2008.
Given its historic nature, a variety of activities are scheduled for the day which includes, a public lecture, public meeting and discussions reflecting on the four years since the Charter was adopted.

The CPC is a political, economic, social and democratic accountability mechanism established in the interests of the people of Zimbabwe. 

The founding premise of the Committee of the Peoples Charter shall be the pursuit of the realization of the societal objectives enunciated by the Zimbabwe People’s Charter adopted at the Peoples Convention in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We will continue bringing the Zimbabwean government of the day to account in relation to the national economy, gender equality, youth empowerment, a democratic political environment, free and fair elections, constitutional reform, media freedom and Zimbabwe’s national value system.

Issued by the CPC media and publicity committee on the 6th of February 2012, Harare, Zimbabwe.

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